Thursday 13 May 2010

Wonderwool !

Just a quick post to say we had a fantastic time at WonderwoolWales and were please to meet many friends old and new. We are back and updating the stock levels and adding new things, although it has taken both Mum and I weeks to get back to normality, well as normal as we can be !

Have lots to tell you so will be back soon !


Grant said...

As Christmas 2011 approaches
Elves are all about.
Not at play - busy each day
Helping Santa out.

Thanks to Wonderwool and the team at first4yarns, a certain Elf who lives in Middle Wales, now has a long long long wool hat to keep him warm all Christmas and Winter long.

As Winter brings a cooling feeling
Then it's time for you
To also knit a woolly hat
And woolly jumper too!



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