Saturday, 12 April 2008

School, Dogs and Deliveries !

Realised today that I hadnt kept my promise to blog more regularly !! Lots of things going on for me ! Daniel started school this week, so now I have to be organised !(impossible!!) PE Kit, Lunches, Wellies, Back packs ahh ! and trying to get there on time ! However he has settled in really well with only the occasional 'why do I have to go to school everyday ' He just looks too little in his uniform and I worry he is only 4 ! but it seems I am the only one bothered as he trots off in to class x x x

My darling dog has been ill, Chloe is my 1st child, she is a boxer x and a few Saturdays ago decided to have a gastric torsion, QUE the squeemish bit ! this is where the stomach basically fills with gas and twists causing unproductive vomiting, a huge huge abdomen and is the only true near death emergency in the dog world (apart from being hit by a car sorry x) so we were operating at 2 in the morning, where I could put my past life skills to the test !! (I was a Veterinary Nurse before I got addicited to yarn) however she is now doing ok and will be soon bouncing back to normal x

On a lighter note !! we took fab deliveries this week of Malabrigo and Kauni which is soooo gorgeous and just in time to come to Wonderwool Wales with us !! Not long now x x 26th/27th April at Builth Wells.

Anyhow best do some work !

Lisa x