Friday, 15 May 2009

Postage :(

Just a quick post to say unfortunetly with the Royal Mail price increases we have had to up our postage rates, as before we have kept it to a minimum and it is still one price no matter the size of your order.
We have also decided to continue with the free 2nd class postage for another 3 months so its not all bad news ....................and even better sign up for our newsletter and recieve 10% off your next order !

Boo to Royal Mail ........... Yay to us !

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Wonderwool 2009 !

Well that took 2 weeks to recover from Wonderwool Wales ! After transporting the whole shop (yes units and all !) we set up shop for the weekend, A fab time was had by all and huge thanks to Janny T, Sue and all the boys for help with setting up.

Janny T !

It was brill to meet up with all our friends, online customers and other traders for a hectic Saturday, we gave out all our Ravelry badges pretty quick and it was really nice to see a large Rav presence there.

Here's some pics x
Love Patisserie moment!

Didn't get out to buy much, although a few things slipped through ! some gorgeous silk from Artisan Yarns, some alpaca socks for a pressie (never finish my own hand knits!) and some merino 4ply from John Arbon, a slipper felting kit and of course Love Patisserie tarts ! It was exhausting but we loved every minute of it so until next year.....................or maybe June !

Next stop - Uk Ravlery Day in Coventry on June the 6th.