Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Happy Late January !

Well okay we missed New Year ! All sorts of things have been going on here, first of all we had the Knitclub Christmas Dinner at the Baron of Beef, in Bucknell about 10 minute drive from the shop (well recommended for 2 for 1 on all mains by the way if you are visiting us !) and we had a fab time !
Some more than others - pictures to follow !

We had an OK Christmas, Mum has been really poorly, first with the Noro virus then with a racking cough which turned in to pneumonia, she was in bed for 3 weeks and is still coughing and weak now, I managed just about in the shop, thanks to everyone offering their help, we have ended up spending most of January restocking, and for filling orders from the Christmas time, apologies for anyone still waiting we are having deliveries all the time and are slowly catching up.

I have an aim to update this blog every week so watch this space and feel free to remind me when I haven't done it !!

Take care for now x x